Friday, 25 September 2009

Just got home.......

Just got home....we have been in America for a few weeks staying with my parents........sunshine and easy living, this is the lounge through to the swimming pool......lazy days just like holidays should be..
I wanted to wish everyone a lovely weekend, and thank you sooo much for your comments while I was away, any 'jet lag' tips gratefully received....
Lots of love Lynn xxxxxx

Friday, 11 September 2009

Lost in time.................................

The countryside is like soothing balm on the soul after a weeks work. All the inspiration I should ever need is there. The sun has been shining low and warm and feels so good through my clothes. We went picking sloe's to make sloe gin, ( a lovely liqueur yummy on a cold winters night)..and found this deserted wool mill,....... quiet, mossy, full of shadows and memory's, isn't it beautiful, I wondered about the mill girls working here so many years ago, and the sound of their clogs on the stones as they passed by the window on mornings like this..........
Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Autumn Equinox...finding a balance....

Another embroidered bird...I know I am obsessed with making them!!!

My new autumn colours

A mixture of new and secondhand clothes

Greys and softest ochres remind me of the Autumn hills we walk

Nellie the elephant waiting for embroidery

He is soooo cute ha ha
I am having fun with some children's illustrations they are for some pretty nursery cushions I will make. I have printed them onto soft cotton, and now I will add some embroidery and a bit of patchwork before I make them up.
I have my Autumn wardrobe started....I wanted a change from berry colours, so I opted for soft yellowy lichens and granite shaded greys, they remind me of the landscape as the leaves begin to change and fall. The light grows less these past few days, becoming soft and golden, and I feel the dark begins to make shadows ever earlier now. The rush of summer fades as the wheel turns and we begin our inner journeys in preparation for the long Winter.......there is a peace in the following of the seasons and I find comfort in that always..
With love
Lynn xx