Monday, 19 July 2010

All sorts of lovely things......

Heidi at Snow Drop Cottage sent me my beautiful Leonora

                                      Making buttons with my Aim Higher Student Group

I have found and joined a small printing workshop

                                                                 Making my own journals

I must start my blog with a huge thank you to  Vicki for my lovely knitted nest (I hope you like the felted bird I have made to nest in her) please look at Vicki's blog it is so inspirational xxxx
I also want  to thank Heidi at Snowdrop Cottage( her lovely blog) she is running on the 25th July in a Race for life for her friend Julie, I  won the lovely Leonora in a prize draw. I so admire Heidi for making this commitment, how fabulous is she.... (there is still time to donate)  good luck Heidi xxxx

I also have taught a two day work shop with 14....... 15yr olds, we bought lots of tee shirts and the girls had great fun customizing them with screen printing and foiling, transfer printing,  and the next day embroidery and patch-working and the biggest hit of all was thebadge making, they made so many badges you could hear them clattering a mile away..ha ha ..
these are the button badges I made....

At work I have been moved to technician for just the sewing and art work shops, and thought I would really miss printing and was so sad about it...... but I have been really lucky so lucky!! and at  home I have found and joined a small print group of old college friends, so I can screen print anytime I want now and won't loose my skills, which is so fabulous I can barely breath with excitement...... so I have made some napkins and place mats and can't wait to get going on with other scrummy ideas.
I have also been making myself some 'Journals' they take ages to prepare but have a really nice feel to them I have been decorating them with my art work  and will have a few for sale soon with my printed work. I have also finished work and have a whole summer off...can't hardly believe it.
Hope your all enjoying the sun when we see it
Big Hugs Lynn xxxxx

Sunday, 11 July 2010