Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hope you have a lovely Easter..........


My lovely knitted nest from Vicki at 2 bags full

This year has been such a rush, has Easter jumped up on you too?
I have been helping a friend set up her new shop and with creating new things and decorating walls and getting covered in paint I nearly missed Easter.............

I wanted to show you my lovely knitted nest that Vicki made me,  she makes the most lovely creations and sends them all over the world, she also makes for charity so I think she must never stop knitting.. pop over to her blog she has the most gorgeous knitted creations...  I can barely knit purl one! let alone a knitted nest.

Other pictures are of my small  Easter effort for home, I have some Hot Cross buns proving for the oven later on, but nothing else I'm afraid...I shall have to come visiting your lovely blogs for my Easter inspiration
I want to wish you a very happy Easter Tide xxx
Chocolaty Hugs
Lynn xxxxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

New Bags

Big Sigh!...I have just finished designing a range of Vintage Fabric Summer bags for a rather lovely customer, xx  and I have a couple of  original one off samples  for sale that I have just popped in my Etsy shop.
Thought you may enjoy seeing some larger pictures of them, they may give you some nice inspiration for coming sunshine days, I say this with conviction......looking at the mounds of snow outside ha ha.
Have a really lovely weekend ...........nearly Easter xx
Hugs Lynn xxx 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring Equinox.........a balance of light

New beginnings...rebirth.......... 

time to refresh and enjoy the light..

O Light of Life illumine our lives,
                        Banish the darkness from our hearts and minds.
Burn away our fears and worries
 And bathe us in thy Golden Light.

O Bountiful Goddess,
                        Who sustains us through the darkness:
                        Renew our lives, rekindle our hearts,
                        Refresh our minds and transform our souls.

 I love the light days and feel like I am just waking up.................

Happy Spring Equinox

Hugs Lynn xxxx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

On my travels

I am down in London working and visiting family but whilst I had time I visited the Foundling Museum  to see a small but very beautiful exhibition called
Fate Hope and Charity it has the stories that surround the small and poignant tokens left behind with the children at the Foundling Hospital between 1741 and 1760. It is insightful and inspiring and I would recommend it as a spring board for future projects and inspirations for any artist.

I also had to walk by the Cloth Shop in Berwick Street, their beautiful range of fabrics is just breathtaking and this inspiring window display using fabric manipulation is so gorgeous...well I just had to go in and it made a very nice little break in my walk from The Foundling Museum.....

Then on to Liberty's and lunch Lovely xxxx

Have an amazing week, and thank you so very much for all of your wonderful letters and comments to welcome me back, it  is  so lovely to receive them thank you so much xxx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Waking up to Springtime

Spring peeping through the curtains

Spring paintings on my kitchen wall

Some printing and embroidery work I have been making

Still need a nice chair to snug up in when the cakes are baking

I love the simplicity of  late winter/early spring.
 The beauty of freshly blossomed flowers against the cold and tired landscape.
Our home is similar it has settled itself nicely into the Winter with cosy cobwebbed corners
and  crackling fires, warming my toes by the aga.

Yet outside this morning the birds are starting to sing earlier and the evenings grow lighter, it is a nice feeling just being balanced on the edge of things, to have the expectation, the promise of the light and warmer days the smell of grass and blossom on the breeze.

Time I think to start bringing in those Spring days and the promise of Easter Tide.........
Hugs Lynn xxx

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Hello my fellow bloggers, can you make a small space in your world of  wonderful  glass pages once more for me and my stories to dwell in .
 I have missed you all so much xxxxx


the fabulous new book by Julie Summers

the story of the WI in the Second World War
this book is so fantastic and just full of the most amazing information
you will never want to part with it.
I just had to re open my little blog to tell you all about it.
Hugs Lynn xxx