Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Time to bring out the Christmas Fairys

You know I make my sparkly fairy's every year and I love making them soooo much
and thank you for those of you that have bought some of your very own to sparkle in your Christmas home xxx
I thought it was time to start making some more so here are a few I have made for the last few years.
I think I will have to make some winter moths too xx

Lots of fairy kisses
Love Lynn xxxx

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Letting go.............

The leaves have been falling in crunchy handfuls all this windy day, its turbulence disturbed my head and  made me reflect on the year.  This year has been so very dreadful, so much heartbreak and pain..too many tears...but as the leaves blow in the wind I want them to take away the sorrow and hurts of this hard year.   The leaves will fall I know  and leave behind the bare branches of my family tree. My fabulous husband and our supportive family are standing strong against the blue Autumn  sky.

 I have a wild shelf in our lounge to always remind me of the beauty and generosity of  nature and I have at long last a part time job with lovely people kind and caring, so we are not struggling as much thank goodness and I have my sewing that I love doing, but maybe doesn't sell very well ... but keeps us in clothes and comfy furnishings. So I shall watch as the wind blows,  leaves fall and the world changes and the wheel turns and I believe all will be well

Hugs Lynn xxx

I have started to embroider a real wintry cushion for a Christmas present x 

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Christmas creations................

Being creative is a real gift from the Goddess, it allows us to explore the things we love.
Last year Linda from Flowers on my table sent me a beautiful mushroom she had made, so inspired by that precious gift I am making lots of my own mushroom designs to embellish my Christmas gifts this year. They are mostly paper mache and velvet fabric with mica and glass glitter for the frost and the most fun to make. I have been spying the real ones everywhere especially when I am running or on our walks, I have been taking lots of pictures to  help inspire are some of my Christmas mushrooms xx

I have also been patch working and printing some huge comfy cushions from old worn hemp and felted cream wool , we really like huge feathered things to sink into on cosy Autumn nights.

Are you starting to make and prepare special gifts for your family and friends ?
Hugs Lynn xxxxx