Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Home made marshmallows.....and Gentlemen rabbits

Sorry I have not been visiting just lately, I haven't had a minute to spare, I suppose you are all in the same boat, I hope this small post brings us up to date xxx

 You must try Home made vanilla marshmallows with twinkly glitter, I have been up to my eyes in boiling sugar and egg whites, I have been cutting a tray this morning and dusting them with cooking glitter..... can you just see it in the picture it is so pretty.
I have been making lots for gifts as I wanted to try them out on some friends first xx

What are the rabbits doing with the marshmallows though ?.........

I love the natural themes this year soooo much I have put the sweets in tree bags and I have made card Gentlemen rabbits with real vintage collars to sit on top of them... my Woodland Winter theme....

This is the lovely sparkly sweets in the bags.

When I was out running last night, I nearly fell over this amazing branch, 
 it is full of beautiful moss and lichens, so it inspired me to take it home and use in my Woodland theme, I shall cover it in tiny lights put it in a zink tub and use it as a Christmas tree....

I was so excited yesterday about making and creating I could hardy sleep,all my plans and ideas going round my head I was so tired this morning ha ha serves me right !  But  it is First Advent on Sunday and I am allowed to play some carols then (I drive everyone mad with them if I start to early)
how fabulous is that xxxx

Hope you are loving the cold frost mornings and having lots of joy planing for the holidays..
this home made Christmas is fun but hard work. xxx
Love Lynn xx

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Finding contentment in a simple life............

Low on kindling and a cold front coming in, I  headed  out with my large sturdy bag. The air this morning was very quiet and cool and the colours intense, it didn't take long to collect and bundle up the twigs, better than parting with my hard earned penny's and looks so much prettier than shop bought sticklets in the zinc buckets next to the wood burner. I think they will be used quickly next week...brrrrr

I am so happily and cosy sewing, making my gifts as the days grow shorter. I can find so much peace and contentment in simple home crafts.

 This is a lovely old piece of linen that I have embroidered my winter girls onto, then I bead them and appliqué the net and sequins,  I sit next to the window and watch the leaves fall while listening to old radio recordings from Sunday Irish Miscellany...beautiful.

 I have been trying to make our Christmases more wholesome, trying to make more and buy less from commercial sources, yes its hard, a lot of work, and the marshmallows I made this morning are a tad unusual ha ha ...but oh the satisfaction to make and to give is amazing. I am working 4 days so it is not always easy to fit it all in, though as you can see I can still achieve a good deal.

I want some new plates for Winter so I am transferring images onto some odd and old china that I have here and there, I have lots of ideas of images for this so I will show you more when I have made them. xx 
I don't think they will be perfect but I don't think that matters at all.

I hope you are enjoying this time as much as I am
Hugs Lynn xxx