Sunday, 12 January 2014

These are the days of miracles and wonders........

The land is bare her ancient tracks and paths easy to see and follow now.

 A  solitude and peace have descended both on the land and in my soul and I feel I have been given January as a precious gift, a balm for my soul. In honour of this gift and the joy it gives, I shall keep our food plain and simple, I shall not go to the shops, there are no material things I wish to buy, I think this year I shall decline from buying anything new, I really have enough and would rather enjoy not being sucked in to the commercial aspects of life. The time gained from not wondering the shops  is amazing, its lovely to have whole weekends with time for family and other interests.

I quite relish sitting and painting when my jobs are done, lighting the fire and finding a cosy corner to read some fabulous books
can I recommend a few things....

Essie Fox  Elijahs Mermaid
Longbourn Jo Baker
The Fall of Light  Niall Williams

can I recommend
Mumford and Sons

Can I recommend the joy and peace of January
Love Lynn xxxx