Tuesday, 23 December 2014

I saw three ships...............

I make a moon...
he needs a crown.

then he needs friends....
they need crowns.

then 3 ships passed by..
they needed a sea to sail on and sky to sail under.

I need my family..and my friends
they are the most precious things that touch my life.
May you be touched by precious things, that you can gather into your life
this magical Winter Festival.

Thank you for being here with me
Just for this moment
Love Lynn xx

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Cold and Dark...........

Its cold and dark, a twinkle of stars on the nights sky.

We wait.

We wait for the magic.

I keep things simple, our food simple, the house stands waiting to be dressed.
I burn incense.
I listen to the rooks and crows in the twilight fields.
I want to capture, that look they give you, that all seeing look...........

before the lights sparkle and the dark is forgotten.

My latest embroidery
Hugs Lynn x