Sunday, 5 April 2015

Gifts of Springtime

Now when I run especially in the spring, I run as a mindful gatherer. The plants on the bottom left are Ramsoms wild garlic the new leaves are wonderful in home made muffins and omelets, and pesto, in a few weeks the white flowers will appear, you can put those into your salads, the plant smells very strongly of garlic. On the right at the bottom are the new leaves of comfrey  when it grows  a little more its leaves  are a bonus in the compost heap and will increase the compost heap nitrogen value. My favourite is the nettle, pluck them now and revel in them, the young shoots cooked taste delicate and delicious, make a herb tea, or add to an quiche or omelette, make sure you cook nettle thoroughly  though..even the young shoots can sting !! they are popped into my backpack with care, not too many from each place..the land smells sweet and fresh.

The skies this morning are moody and grey, the ploughed fields ready for planting, everywhere is bird song and buds that are showing green. In the lakes on Thursday the hills still showed a mantle of snowy peaks, but the sun was warm, and the hills without the ferns good to climb, scatterings of primroses and daffodils whispered in woody clearings... Spring I hope is not to far away.

Good Friday goodies

Lovely new eggs

A huge welcome to Spring xx