Sunday, 28 June 2015

Musings ............ Books and Sea priestess rituals

  The Nature of Air and Water...............

A wonderful novel by Regina Mcbride

'so begins The Nature of Water and Air set on a patch of Irish coast  where amid the flurry of whispers, amongst the mystery and the beauty lays an intense tale of love and sorrow with myth and magic secrets and darkness.
I recommend this book and all of Regina McBride books for their poetry and soul..they have such a mystery that is not found in today s world. They have dark secrets that hurt, but they have a language and love that speaks not only of love but of Mothers and daughters twined in the endless dance of the soul.

(part of a Sea - Priestess Ritual)            

                                  Calling out to the Goddess 

Initiated and celebrated on a quiet beach at low tide, where our names are written as offerings in the low shore.

By the twilights of time I call thee

From the tide wrecked depths I urge you come

On running wave from the sea gates of the Lost City, I call thy name,

By the reef flow, in silver blood let your Moon tide draw our names from the sand,

To write us upon the Unmanafest, unformed

For we are yours and you are upon us and upon the eternal creation that is.

Have a deep soak in epsom salts...walk barefoot on the shore and Pepper dulse and Laver bread,  xxxxx

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Devotion to service....plain living

The cellars and basements of Tatton Hall

A plain life below stairs,  skills were abundant,  cooks, dairy/still-room, gardeners, grooms ,ladies-maids, butlers  all skilled, all tradespeople. 

Memories of them all are stronger in these beautiful kitchens and cellars than anything above stairs. Above stairs was stilted dusty ostentation, only shadows remain. I though it was ironic that those capable servants, those plain people were the ones to leave their mark, to still be felt as if just moments before they had been there with me.

 Below the stairs of that great house lived those people and their devotion to service seems to be its heart still.

                                         A lovely day at the Salvage Fair Tatton Park

                                                     Lucys Vintage

                                          Some goodies in my bag

                                                                 Had to stop for tea
                                                      Just lovely ..............Lynn xxxx