Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lammas and the strength of women...

 Everything at the moment is lush and fruiting, the fragrance that rises from the damp warm earth is heady and powerful, this time of the year is about fullness and fulfilment as the harvest and crops are gathered. 

In a few days it is Lammas the corn is cut , the God is represented in the grain, the Goddess cuts the corn she sacrifices him and returns his goodness to the Earth. This is a huge sacrifice, Lammas shows us whispers of immortality. of rebirth, life and growth.
 We are daughters of the goddess, yes us women, we are strong and we make sacrifices all through our lives, this is a time to remember that and celebrate it.

Make a corn dolly or Grain mother weave her from stalks growing at the edges of fields be creative
decorate her with ribbons, give thanks for the gifts of the harvest. You can talk to her, tell her of your regrets, of the things you din't achieve this year, of disappointments keep her till spring when you can bury her and return her to the earth where she came from.
Make bread, if you can include something you have gathered or grow yourself,  then
share this with your family to celebrate the harvest to be part of this sacred time and to feel the joy of nature.
Hugs and have a special Lammas